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"Hockeywood" takes its name from the nickname of its narrator and protagonist Ray Cortez. Hockey was written into Ray's DNA; he was descended from generations of hockey royalty. His great-great-grandfathers had played together with Toronto in their inaugural season of the NHL a century ago. His older brother Mark had been a first overall draft pick in the early '90s. His father Tomas had a venerable coaching career stretching back 25 years, the last six as head coach of the iconic Toronto Mounties.

Ray has only recently retired from being the greatest hockey player of his generation, but the decision to hang up his skates had never sat well with him.

Maybe that was why when he heard the news of his father's terminal cancer diagnosis, he was so quick to suggest a comeback in a desperate effort to help his dad achieve his dream of winning the Stanley Cup before he died.

Confronted by his own potential demise, Hockeywood must decide whether to fulfill his filial obligations and face down his own death or betray his family and team and suffer ignominious and humiliating defeat, but go on to live a long and happy life. Like hockey's version of Achilles he must choose: glory and death or infamy and life.

If you are under 17 or buying for someone under 17, please be advised that Hockeywood is a novel meant for adults; it contains adult language and situations. If this was a movie it would be rated R.

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